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Nantong, in the north of the Yangtze, is the one of first 14 coastal cities opening to the outside world. Through the Sutong River Bridge, Nantong joins in Shanghai's one-hour economic circle.

Enjoying the favorable location and improved industrial advantages , Nantong became the National Export Base of shipbuilding industry and offshore engineering in 2011. There are about 600 related enterprises in Nantong and have nearly 20 billion USD in the total output value, the gross amount of the shipbuilding in Nantong covers 1/3 of that in Jiangsu Province and 1/8 of that in China. With the capability to build up 400,000 tonnages of ore carriers,300,000 tonnages of oil-tankers,10 thousand TEU container vessels, Large auto RO-RO Ships and many other kinds of civil ships, products of Nantong have exported to more than 10 countries and areas, including Singapore, Japan, Hong kong etc. Nantong offshore engineering products covers 1/3 domestic market shares including different types ranging from offshore and deep sea equipment: Reserve oil drilling platform, turbine installation vessels, heavy lift cable layer vessels, offshore vessels.

The enterprises, including Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Hantong Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd, COSCO Shipyard Group Co.,Ltd, Wison Group Holding Limited, Nantong Keppel Shipyard Co., Ltd., have played important role in promoting sustainable healthy development of ship building and offshore engineering industry in Nantong.

Opening Nantong will continue to strengthen the international cooperation, speed up the research and manufacturing ability. Nantong is making effort build to become the important manufacturing and export base of large scale ship & offshore engineering in China and even in the world.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co.,Ltd. (NACKS) 300,000dwt VLCC, 5400TEU Container Ship, 5000 Pure Car Carrier (PCC), 47,000-55,000dwt Bulk Carrier, 10000TEU Container ship, 300,000dwt VLOC.
COSCO (Nan Tong) Shipyard N111 SEVAN650 DRILLING UNIT, N1112 SUPER M2 JACK UP MPSY, DP3 Ultra Deepwater Drillship, FSO RANG DONG MV 17, Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig, Semi-submersible FPU, Accommodation Barge "NUNCE"
Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd various bulk cargo ships, Container ships, oil tankers, etc. typical products:157000 DWT oil tanker, 75500 DWT bulk cargo, 400000 DWT ore carrier, 176000 DWT bulk cargo, 4250 TEU and 6500 TEU container ships
Jiangsu Hantong ship heavy industry co.,Ltd 57000 DWT bulk cargo ship, Oceanographic engineering(FPSO)
Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry co.,ltd PCTCs, Chemical Tankers, Offshore Engineering Vessels
Nantong Keppel Dockyard Co., Ltd various ships, offshore oil platform and related equipments
Jiangsu Jiaolong Heavy Industry Group Co. Ltd Construction and Commissioning of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Accommodation Units/Barges, Pipe Laying Barges, Liftboats, Offshore Vessels and Offshore Unit Block Structures.
Jiangsu rainbow heavy industries co.,ltd hatch cover
Nantong YAHUA shipbuilding co.,ltd theproject crane ship, the deep sea attracts the granulated substanceship
Wison (Nantong) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd offshore/onshore modules, platforms, offshore production units, kinds of supply vessels, FPSO new-building and conversion, etc