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Pizhou is the largest national high-quality white garlic producing base, the national garlic standardizational demonstration area, and also the largest garlic producing area in Jiangsu province. Pizhou city now has the scale of 700,000 mu garlic planting base and is the one of the largest white garlic planting area and export base in the nation .In2007,the garlic exporting outlet of Pizhou accounts for more than 80% of the garlic exporting outlet of Jiangsu province ,and 10.1% of the garlic exporting outlet in the whole nation. Pizhou city now has about 200 constant-temperature warehouses with storage capacity of 250,000 tons, annual acquisition of 1,000,000tons and volume of trade is 3 billion yuan RMB. Pizhou has been allowed" an unique national garlic trade fixed point market "by the national agricultural department.

Pizhou has about 20 garlic enterprises to import and export garlic themselves.Xuzhou Liming Food Co., Ltd, Xuzhou Qinghua Garlic Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Qingshan Garlic Co., Ltd. all has the ability to export garlic exceed ten million USD every year. "SUYANGSHAN WHITE GARLIC""CHEFUSHAN WHITE GARLIC""PIZHOU WHITE GARLIC" etc. brands are well-known in the homeland and international market." zhangliming "brand garlic which is produced by Xuzhou liming food co.,ltd is judged by Department of Agriculture for "Chinese famous brand agricultural product " in 2008.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Xuzhou Liming Food Co. Ltd. Garlic ZHANGLIMING
Xuzhou Qinghua Garlic Co. Ltd. Garlic  
Xuzhou Qingshan Garlic Co. Ltd. Garlic  
Xuzhou Baolan Garlic Co. Ltd. Garlic BAOLAN
Xuzhou Hengfengbao Food Co. Ltd. Garlic  
Xuzhou Guowei Food Co. Ltd. Garlic RUXIN
Xuzhou Sanyou Foodstuffs Co. Ltd. Garlic SANYOU
Pizhou Tianyuan Garlic Co. Ltd. Garlic TIANYUAN
Pizhou Jiayuan Business Trade Co. Ltd. Garlic