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Jiangsu Province Aquatic Products Export Base (Ganyu County)


Jiangsu Province Aquatic Products Export Base (Ganyu County) is located in the northeast of Jiangsu province, Haizhou Bay, East Yellow Sea, west to Linyi of Shandong province, bordering the north and adjacent to Qingdao, Rizhao, south to new Asia-europe continental destination bridgehead Lianyungang, apart from the Japan 200 nm, South Korea 400 nm, domain with convenient traffic, from south to north, the three high speed even the high speed across the thing. The sea has very vast freshwater resources, with the coastline of 62.5 km, abundant fishery resources, advantaged location.

Around the Aquatic Products' development, the base has the breeding, processing and other kinds of enterprises more than fifty. In 2011, a total area of 341400 mu aquatic products breeding, to realize the output of aquatic products 399600 tons, and aquatic products output value 9.176 billion yuan, self-supporting export $54 million, export seafood species of dozens of, the main varieties are swimming crab, loach, squid, shrimp, seaweed, frozen fish, shellfish, shrimp skin, etc, the products sell well in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Russia, the European Union, southeast Asia, and other countries and regions, pier is loach industrial park through the GAP certification and export quality and safety of agricultural products in jiangsu province demonstration the authentication. In the base number of enterprises has been awarded the quality of product certification and related product certification and invention patent certificate, etc., the provincial famous brand enterprise have four. With the development of the base strength increasing, development foreground is very wide.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Lianyungang Haideyi Foods Co., Ltd. Cuttlefish Shreds
Squid Shreds
Grilled Squid Shreds
Grilled Fish Fillets
Lianyungang Jinshuiwan Foodstuff Co., Ltd. Frozen Boild Hard Clam
Frozen Living Shellfish
Frozen Swimming Crab
Frozen octopus
Salted Opossum Shrimp
Lianyungang Zhongrunjia Foodstuff Co., Ltd. Frozen crab
Cut Crab
Frozen Shrimp
Frozen fish
Frozen cooked mussel meat
Lianyungang Mina Imports & Exports Trading Co. Ltd. Living Loach SHUI ZHONGSHEN
Lianyungang Minwang Aquatic Products Imports & Exports Trading Co. Ltd. Loach SHUI ZHONGSHEN