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Jiangsu Lotus Roots Export Base

In 2009, the whole output value of lotus roots have reached 0.5 billion yuan in Baoying County, which increased about 15% to 18% comparing last year.The lotus roots industry has contributed 40 million yuan taxation and the profit reached 50 million yuan.

There are 49 enterprises in the lotus roots base, and 8500 people work there.Some big enterprises in the export base, such as Jiangsu Hexian Group, Yangzhou Huagui Food Co., Ltd.And Yangzhou Sapphire Food Co., Ltd., have exerted great leading function for the whole industry. It is estimated that the overall exported lotus roots products can reach USD 55 million, among which the factory exported can reach 25 million yuan, and both of these two achievements have increased more than 20%.The export value of lotus roots products ranks first in China, and 70% of Japan market as well as 90% of Korea market are occupied by Baoying enterprises. Now, The plantation area has reached 100, 000 mu in Baoying.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Yangzhou Blue Precious Food Co., Ltd. Boiled Vegetables, Salted Vegetables, Fresh Vegetables  
Yangzhou Huagui Foods Co., Ltd. Boiled Vegetables  
Yangzhou Tiancheng Foods Co., Ltd. Boiled Vegetables,Salted Vegetables, Fresh Vegetables  
Yangzhou Hexin Food Co.,Ltd. Lotus Roots  
Yangxhou Tianhe Food Co., Ltd. Boiled Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables