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Jiangsu Revitalizing Enterprise through Science and Technology Export Innovative Base (Auto Parts)


Enterprise Through Science And Technology Export Innovative Base (Auto Parts), together with Changshu Auto Parts Industry Park and Changshu Auto Parts City shapes a "three-in-one" industry structure which focuses on producing, processing, populating and wholesaling of auto parts. The Base has over 70 auto parts enterprises whose products mainly include: Wheel hub, needle bearing, auto shock absorber, jack, standard fastener, radial tire, auto generator starter, brake gear, air bag, auto bearing, steering wheel, gas meter, halogen lamp, pedal assembly, electrical accessories, electronics and auto interior accessories. The total output value of the auto parts enterprises reaches 11.9 billion Yuan, among which 16 enterprises' sales values surpass 1, 000 million Yuan. The bases encourage enterprises to take part into the fierce competition of global auto parts manufacturing. Upon with the upgrading of the production capacity and the running of the newly-invested enterprises, a large-scaled and advantageous industry chain will be created, which will become a new growth point of the economy of Changshu.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
ChangShu Tongrun Auto Accessory Co., Ltd. Jacks TongRun
ChangShu Automotive Trim Co., Ltd. Automotive Interiors Components  
ChangShu HuaDong Automobiles Co., Ltd. Ank Note Transport Car, Sanitation Truck Changfa
Sumitomo Rubber (ChangShu) Co., Ltd. Radial Tire Dunlop
Changshu Standards Factory Fastener  
ChangShu NSK Bearings Co., Ltd. Bearing NSK
ChangShu Gold Circuit Electronics Co., Ltd. Auto Carrier Plate  
Sohbi Craft (Changshu)Co., Ltd. Engine Cover Protector  
Chin-Poon (ChangShu Electronics) Co., Ltd. Auto Carrier Plate  
Otics Mechanicl Industry (ChangShu) Co., Ltd. Auto Shock Absorber