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Danyang New Materials Science and Technology Commercial Innovation Base


High-performance metal materials industy, functional fibers industy, optical materials industy and fine chemical materials industy are the four featured industries in Danyang new materials science and technology commercial innovation base. High performance metal materials industry cluster can be divided into three specialized areas of production, such as high-speed tool steel, high temperature alloys and metal matrix composite products. In this industry, JiangSu Tiangong Tool Co., Ltd. is the largest global high-speed steel production enterprise, and JiangSu Fedia Tools Group Co., Ltd. is the largest twist drill enterprise in Asia. Functional fiber and composite materials area includes glass fiber area, polypropylene fiber area, plant fiber area and basalt fiber area. A new area of carbon fiber and it's composite products is also coming into being. With 2.5 billion yuan invested,JiangSu Hengshen Fiber Material Co., Ltd. will be the largest carbon fiber production base in China. The glasses industry is the first image industry in Danyang City, which is known as "China glasses town". In 2005, Danyang city was awarded the "China's Production Base for Spectacles". The annual output of spectacle frames is 120 million, and of lenses 230 million. Haichang Contact Lens Co., Ltd. is the largest contact lens company in this area of China. Danyang's fine chemical material industry is led by world first "Synthesis Glycol from Coal" technology developed by Dayang Chemical Co. Ltd., who dominates world's market by this leading technology. The "three anhydrides" industry which includes acetic anhydride, maletic anhydride, and trimellitic anhydride is also in the leading position in China.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Dareglobal Technologlies Group Co., Ltd. Particle Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites, Automobile Wheel DareGlobal
Jiangsu Tiangong Tool Co., Ltd. High-speed Steel, Die Steel TG
Jiangsu Fedia Tools Group Co., Ltd. Tools FEIDA
Danyang Precision Alloy Co., Ltd. Nickel-base High Temperature Alloy with Ultrapurity and High Property  
Jiangsu Hengshen Fiber Material Co., Ltd. Carbon Fiber Material and Related Products, Fiber Composites HS
Jiangsu Zhongya New Material Co., Ltd. Fiberglass & Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, Fiberglass Composite Material Yuanfang
Haichang Contact Lens Co., Ltd. Contact Lens, Contact Lens Care Solution HYDRON, Haichang
Zhenjiang Wanxinoptical Co., Ltd. Resin Lens Wanxin
JiangSu Danhua Acetic Anhydride Co., Ltd. Acetic Anhydride for Industrial Use SF