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Rail Vehicle Innovation & Export Base (Nanjing Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone)


The rail vehicle manufacturing industry chain in Nanjing Hi-tech Zone has taken shape. CSR Nanjing Puzhen Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. (herein after to be shortened as ‘ CSR Puzhení») is the leading enterprise. It is one of the 5 urban rail vehicle manufacturing and R&D bases licensed from the authorities. Vehicle manufacturing industry, represented by rail vehicle manufacturing industry, is expected to become a leading industry in Nanjing Hi-tech Zone in the near future.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
CSR Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., ltd. Passenger Rail Vehicle, EMUs, Urban Rail Vehicle CSR, Puzhen
Nanjing CSR Puzhen Urban Railway Vehicle Co., ltd. Urban Rail Vehicle CSR, Puzhen
Nanjing Puzhen NTN Railway Bearings Co., ltd. Rail Vehicle Bearing NTN
Nanjing Xingyu Railway Equipment Manufacturing Co., ltd. Rack Xingyu
Nanjing Tiehong Rail Vehicles Equipment Manufacturing Co., ltd. Rail Vehicle Body Parts Tiehong
Nanjing Huashi Electronics Technology Co., ltd. Frequency Inverter, Traction Converter Huashi
Nanjing Railway New Technology Co., ltd. Bogie Accessories Railway
Nanjing Puzhen Haitai Braking Equipment Co., ltd. Braking Equipment Haitai
Nanjing Bolangfeng New Technology Co., ltd. Damper Bolangfeng
Nanjing Sulairui New Technology Co., ltd. Traction Network System Sulairui
Nanjing Zhizhuo Electronics Co., ltd. Traction Power System Zhizhuo
Nanjing ZTxinghe Electronics Co., ltd. Rail Vehicle Bearing Temperature Monitoring and Warning device ZTxinghe
Nanjing Julong Engineering Plastics Co., ltd. Railway Gauge Block, Rail Fastening Julong