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Jiangsu (New Materials) Science and Technology Commercial Export Innovation Base


Jiangsu (new materials) science and technology commercial export innovation base is located in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province. By the end of 2008, the real sales volume of estates in the base had reached 11 billion Yuan and, the export volume had reached 65 million US dollars, of which self-run export volume accounted for 34.3 million US dollars. The scale of the base has been in the lead position in Jiangsu Province or even in the whole country, so it has been competitive in the homeland and abroad. There are many advantages of the base which are comprehensive and convenient location and traffic, rich resources and energy, abundant labor resource, mature technology and market, and, good investment environment. The base has formed five main estate chains which are quartz new glass products, crystal material, high-pure tiny powder of silicon, new electricity illuminant and crystal handcrafts.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Donghai Haiwang Quartz products Co., Ltd. Quartz tube Haiwang
Fudong Lighting LLC Quartz Products, Halogen Lamps, Carbon Fiber Quartz Heater FDL
Lianyungang Dongdu Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd. Black Silicon Carbide, Green Silicon Carbide DONGDU
Lianyungang Taosheng Fused Quartz Co., Ltd. Fused Silica Fused Quartz taosheng
TG Donghai Glass Co., Ltd. Clear Float Glass TG
Lianyungang Gangxing Building Material Co., Ltd. PVC Gypsurn Ceiling  
Dragon New Quartz Lianyungang Hi-tech Co., Ltd. Fused Silica Sand, Fused Silica Powder, Natural Quartz Sand, Natural Quartz Powder Fused Silica
Lianyungang Jinli Carbon Co., Ltd. Graphite Carnet, Carbon Raiser JINLI
Donghai Pacific Quartz products Co., Ltd. Quartz Glass Tube Pacific Quartz
Jing Hai Yang Semiconductor Materials(Dong Hai )Co., Ltd. Multicrystalline Silicon Wafer JA Solar