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Danyang has the honor to get the appellation of Hardware & tools Export Base of Jiangsu province in 2007.The main products are twist drills and diamond saws. Now we have over than 400 enterprises and 30 thousands laborer. Danyang has been the biggest manufacture base in Asia of hardware & tools. The twist drills has the possession of 60% in Chinese market and 70% in the globe market, the diamond saws has the possession of 55% in Chinese market and 40% in the globe market .The sales volume of the industry in 2007 is over 121 hundred millions, increase 41.5% compare with 2006, the taxation is over 3 hundred millions, increase 49.9% compare with 2006, the exportation is over 1.83 hundred millions U.S. dollars, increase 20.22% compare with 2006.The base has the great superiority in the hardware & tools industry.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Tiangong International Company Limited. High Speed Steel (HSS) and HSS, Cutting Tools TG
Jiangsu Feida Tools group Co., Ltd. Twist Drill, Steel Plates FEIDA
Danyang Jinggong Tools Co., Ltd. Diamond Saw
Twist Drill
Jiangsu Fengtai Diamond Tool Manufacture Co., Ltd. Diamond Saw FENGTAI
Jiangsu Dangong Industrial General Corp. Twist Drill DANGONG
Danyang Victor Tool Manufacture Co., Ltd. Diamond Saw VICTOR
Jiangsu Fengyu Tools Co., Ltd. Twist Drill FENG YU
Jiangsu Xinmeida Tools Co., Ltd Twist Drill, Diamond Saw Blades XINMEIDA
Dangyang Huachang Diamond Tool Manufacture Co., Ltd. Diamond Saw HUACHANG
Danyang Youhe Tool Manufacturer Co., Ltd. Twist Drill, Diamond segments, Laser welded saw blade XUNLIDA
Jiangsu Yaofeng Tools Co., Ltd. Diamond Saw
Twist Drill
Danyang Jiangnan Tools Co., Ltd. Diamond Saw
Twist Drill