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National Motorcycle and Parts Demonstration Base for Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading


The motorcycle industry is a traditional competitive industry of Wuxi with its output accounting for about 1/12 of China's total and taking the lead in Jiangsu Province. Having formed a characteristic motorcycle industry cluster represented by key enterprises like Baodiao Locomotive and Guowei Motor manufacturing whole vehicles and Zhonglian Aluminum and Wanxuan Metal Products making motor parts, Wuxi was ratified as China's "National Motorcycle and Parts Demonstration Base for Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading" in August 2012. At present, Wuxi boasts twelve whole-vehicle motorcycle enterprises that have acquired export qualification issued by the Ministry of Commerce and over 300 supporting enterprises. In addition, Wuxi's E-motorcycle industry grows fast with China's top three E-motorcycle manufacturers, namely, Yadea with the "Yadea Brand", Xinri with the "Sunra Brand" and Evermaster with the "Evermaster Brand" choosing Wuxi as their production base. In 2011, Wuxi's motorcycle industry achieved an output value of RMB 8.94 billion and an export of US$ 241 million, among which US$ 144 billion was contributed by 299,000 whole sets of motorcycle sold to 130 countries and regions in the world. Besides, the Base’s profit and tax totaled RMB 486 million and the workforce exceeded 30,000 in 2011. Now 10 enterprises in the Base have achieved an annual export of over US$ 10 million and 45 enterprises have established overseas sales network. Moreover, enterprises in the Base own 95 trademarks registered overseas as well as more than 1,000 patents of various kinds, and have obtained 88 international certificates such as the CE, EMARK, DOT and EEC.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Co., Ltd. Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, Electric bike
Jiangsu Guowei Motor Co.,Ltd. Offroads, Motorcycle, Scooter, Electric bike, Tricycle
Jiangsu Zhonglian Aluminum Co., Ltd. Wheel
Wuxi Wanxuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. Wheel