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Dated from the 1970s, plastic (for beverage) machinery industry of Zhangjiagang City is developing rapidly with an early start and has gained certain reputation nationwide. Till now, there are all together over 300 enterprises producing plastic (for beverage) machinery with a total number of over 10,000 sets of related equipment. The sales revenue reaches about RMB 7 billion, with plastics machinery and beverage machinery accounting for 8% and 40% among the whole domestic market. Related products include extrusion molding machine, plastics granulation equipment, tube plate & sheet molding machine, hollow molding machine, injection molding machine, auxiliary machine, high speed mixing production line, recycling equipment, dehumidification production line, filling machine, packing machine, etc. Among the above products, the extrusion molding machine, hollow molding machine and beverage filling & packing machine play a decisive role among the whole domestic machinery industry and our city is a main production basis nationwide. In recent three years, our plastic (for beverage) industry keeps exploiting the overseas market and foreign trade has achieved a sound development. According to incomplete statistics, in 2007 the total export volume of plastic (for beverage) industry of our city reached $ 150 million. The export volume reached $ 60.97 million, which increased by 39.2% compared with last year.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Jiangsu Victor Machinery Co., Ltd. Plastic Injection Blow Molding Machine,
Plastic Plate & Sheet Extrusion Line
Zhangjiagang Tongda Machine Co., Ltd. Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Tongda
Zhangjiagang Beier Machinery Co., Ltd. Plastic Machinery BEIER
Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Solution For Beer Packaging & Beverage Packaging Newamstar
Zhangjiagang City Yili Machinery Co., Ltd. Plastic (for beverage) Machinery YiLi
Jiangsu Jinrong Machinery Co., Ltd. Beverage Filling Machine Jinrong
Jiangsu Lianguan Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. Plastic Machinery LIANGUAN
Jiangsu ASG Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Beverage Filling Machine,
Milk Filling Machine